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Infantry. Noun. To stocktake in a childish manner.

Artist and songwriter Spencer Wakeling worked in a college circa 2005. “The tea making facilities,” he writes, “were in a store cupboard alongside the photocopier. Every day for about a month I photocopied a random object in the cupboard while I waited for the kettle to boil in the morning. I thought they may be exhibited somehow, someday, but sat in a box for nearly twenty years instead.”

In the same box were some lyrics emailed by Spencer to a colleague as a Freeform writing experiment.

Removed from their original context, the lyrics and the photocopies sort-of work together. So we put them together in this unusual booklet. Not quite an art book and not quite a zine, we found beauty and humour in time-marinated serendipity.

Pages: 60
Format: A5 PDF, black and white
ISBN: 978-1-910631-81-2

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